2022 Trend of Packaging

2022-12-09 11:36

01. Transparent texture


With the advent of the era of packaging appearance, more and more consumers will consider packaging appearance as one of the purchasing factors. Therefore, how to make the packaging more attractive has become a very important consideration for designers. The application of transparent materials makes the vision more possible and layered, with layered patterns, pure transparency, and hazy texture. Transparent materials can create a visual beauty that traditional paper does not have, and change the packaging from a supporting role that is thrown away after opening to the protagonist of this visual communication.


02. Soft Touch


How to reflect the concept and value of the brand on the packaging?


Soft touch film is undoubtedly a very good choice. Consumers are tired of the industrial feel of coated paper and the cheap feeling brought by lamination. Art paper that can bring real texture and feel can give the product more value.


03. Hot Stamping


The stamping packaging makes people feel like they have traveled to the future of science fiction.


The hot stamping process is being discovered and used by many brands. Unique metal texture, gorgeous light and shadow changes, it is a unique visual experience for consumers who pursue independent personality.


04. Eco-friendly Kraft Paper 


Plastic is already indispensable in our life, are there any materials that can replace plastic?


Kraft paper provide us with a good choice. In recent years, many brands have begun to gradually participate in environmental protection, reducing plastic in packaging as much as possible, and will gradually be recognized by most brands in the next few years.

05. Biodegradable 


This kind of bag reduces the use of plastic, and more and more brands use degradable packaging, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also conducive to the development of the brand.

packaging bags


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