Aluminium Foil Bag For Dog Food

Bn Pack focuses on the custom production of composite flexible packaging, and can tailor a one-stop solution according to your needs. With more than 10,000 solutions, we can print with different materials according to your design, and can use different hard brushing methods. I , we have advanced HP digital presses that can print clear and colorful dog food packaging bags.

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Product NameAluminium Foil Bag For Dog Food
Bag modelStand up bag
Thickness120-180 microns
Ink TypeEco-friendly Food Grade Ink
MaterialKraft paper,PET,VMPET,PE,PLA etc. Food safety.No problem meeting EU standard. Makes our product exporting to any market in the world.
MOQ2000 Piece
Style OptionsStand Up, Flat Bottom, Side Gusset, Zipper Top, Three side sealed bag, four side sealed bag, flat bottom, block bottom,with/without pocket/valve/hang hole/zip, etc
UsagesTea/Coffee/Cookies/Snack/Nuts/Popsicle/Spice/Candy, etc

The competition in the market is huge. As the pet food market becomes larger and larger, there are more and more competing brands and products, and consumer demand is getting higher and higher. Pets are highly valued. When choosing food for pets, the owner will fully consider the nutritional content of the product, the benefits it brings to pets, and so on. With more and more choices, the design of pet food packaging bags has become more and more important.

cat food blue bag

Various pet food bags on the market have different material combinations, bag types, etc., because it depends on the type of content. bn Pack has rich experience in the custom production of pet food composite packaging bags. This article introduces the material structure and bag type of common pet food packaging bags.

1. Material combination of pet food packaging bags

① Double-layer composite bag: NY/PE, PET/PE, PP/PE, co-extruded polyethylene film;

② Three-layer composite bag: PET/AL/PE, PET/NY/PE, PET/MPET/PE;

③ Four-layer composite bag: PET/AL/PET/PE, PET/NY/AL/PE;

④ PET/NY/AL/RCPP, high temperature retort bag wet food, soft can packaging;

cat food black bag

2. Bag type

Stand-up pouches, three-side sealed bags, four-side sealed bags, zipper bags, eight-side sealed bags, etc. In fact, pet food packaging bags can be made of any bag type, including special-shaped bags. Again, it depends on the specific content. The eight-sided sealing bag is a very popular bag type in the pet food market. It is relatively high-end and atmospheric, with good printing effect, many display surfaces, and three-dimensional display effect on the counter. With the use of zippers, hand buttons, etc., the consumer experience is better, which helps to strengthen the value of the packaging bag.

cat food big bags

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