Coffee Packaging For Stand Up Pouch

1. Factory direct supply, favorable price, controllable cost, reasonable structure, sturdy and durable.
2. Customize according to individual needs and improve the design of exclusive packaging bags
3. Strictly control the raw materials and production links, and the product quality is stable and reliable.
4. High-tech production line, short production cycle and punctual delivery.
5. Perfect after-sales service, one-to-one timely service.

  • OEM & ODM
  • China
  • 5 DAYS
  • 600000 PCS
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Coffee Packaging For Stand Up Pouch

Size & Thickness

Customized (120-200 microns)

Ink Type

Eco-friendly package


White kraft paper, PLA, VMPET, NK,NKNE etc...


2,000 Piece per size per design, 11 designs


 Different food, like coffee beans, nuts, tea, etc.






1) Extend Product Shelf Time
2) Multi-function: Moisture-proof, keep things fresh
3) Strong Puncture Resistance
4) Safety: Food grade materials BPA free.

5) Certificate: EU FDA standard
6) Convenient to open and keep
7) Open way can be customized
8) good barrier to gases



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stand pouch packaging

Packaging printing occupies a large proportion in the printing industry and packaging industry, and is an indispensable part of packaging engineering. There are printing methods such as letterpress printing, lithography, gravure printing, screen printing, orifice printing. The main elements of printing are paper, ink, color, etc. Packaging printing needs to take into account the issues of economy and environmental protection, and at the same time, it needs to be able to fully and well express the information that needs to be printed.

stand up pouch packaging

If you want to customize and print exquisite packaging bags, you can go to BN PACK, high-speed electronic axis printing machine, HP digital printing machine, ink dispenser with many years of printing experience, customized food roll film, food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags to provide you with one-stop service, If you need to know about printing and packaging, please send an inquiry.

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