Flat Bottom Pouch With Pocket

Since the bottom of the bag opens flat, laying the bag flat makes the bottom an excellent display layout.
The flat bottom bag stands upright, which is more conducive to the display of the brand.
Flat bottom chain bag with reusable zipper that consumers can re-open and close

  • OEM & ODM
  • China
  • 5 DAYS
  • 600000 PCS
  • Information

Bag Shap
Flat Bottom Pouch With Pocket
Size & Thickness
140 micron,etc
Ink Type
Eco-friendly Food Grade Ink
1000 Piece per Design with digital printing
Food Packaging
1) Matte finish with metalized foil with high barrier
2) Resealable zipper
3) Digital Printing
4) Safety: Food grade materials BPA free. EU and FDA certificated

New products are constantly emerging, and new packaging structures, new materials, and visual transmission are constantly being updated and improved to meet the needs of new products and times. Eye-catching packaging helps us promote our products. Because packaging is the outer garment of commodities, and it is also the original appearance of all the items we use in our lives. From the protection of the packaging structure of the product, the convenience of transportation, the eye-catching on the shelf, and the look and feel when giving gifts, the infinite ingenuity of the designer is hidden everywhere. Today, BN PACK, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, has sorted out the packaging bags of several products for you. I hope you can see what you want, so that your high-quality products can have a better appearance.

flat bottom bag

There are many kinds of materials for flat bottom bags, and the performance of different materials is different. According to the characteristics of the product, including the main components, characteristics, and various reactions that may occur in the process of processing, storage, transportation and circulation, sensitive factors should be considered, and the demand for packaging bags should be clearly defined. Then go to understand the performance of various custom-made eight-side sealing bag materials, and choose suitable materials for suitable packaging.

flat bottom gusset bags

BN PACK focuses on the processing and customization of various food packaging bags, flat bottom bags, vacuum bags, stand-up bags, aluminum foil bags, food composite films and other flexible packaging products, providing one-stop services for design, processing and production, and plastic flexible packaging for various industries. Customized needs of customers, tailor-made solutions. Find the source manufacturer to customize the eight-side sealing bag, the production equipment and production technology are more professional, and the price is also more advantageous.

flat bottom cellophane bags

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