Flat Bottom Coffee Bags With Valve

The flexible packaging composite process has many materials and large changes. It is often analyzed according to the moisture content, the thickness of the material, and the metal effect. The benefits are definitely greater than that of a single box.
Multi-color printing can be used, the product is exquisite, and it has a strong promotional effect.
Unique shape, easy for consumers to identify, prevent counterfeiting, and have a great role in promoting brand building.

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Product NameFlat Bottom Coffee Bags With Valve
Bag ShapeFlat bottom pouch,box bottom pouch,block bottom pouch,Quad seal pouch
Size & Thickness80-150 microns/ customized
Ink TypeEco-friendly Food Grade Ink

Regular plastic

Home compostable

Fully recyclable (Mono-PE)

MOQ5000pcs(multi design)
Style OptionsStand Up, Flat Bottom, Side Gusset, Zipper Top, Three side sealed bag
UsagesFood/Snack/Nuts/Popsicle/Spice/Candy,Coffee bean,Protein powder, etc

The packaging bag of the flat bottom bag is different from the ordinary stand-up bag. It has a stronger three-dimensional sense, a larger printable surface, a better display effect, and a larger capacity, which has more advantages in highlighting the grade of the product. The flat bottom bag can be added with zipper, suction nozzle, handle button, sealing zipper, one-way exhaust valve, etc. It can be used for the packaging of many different products, including pet food, high-end food, tea, coffee and other products. BN PACK specializes in the customized production of various types of plastic flexible packaging. It has a number of bag making equipment, combined with mature bag making technology, it is the right choice for you to customize flat bottom bags for the first time.

kemasan flat bottom pouch

Choose BN PACK custom flat bottom packaging bags, which can be customized according to your needs. You provide us with the materials you need, or we will give solutions according to your packaging products, and determine the size, pattern, quantity and other details. Make the right bag for you. In addition, BN PACK also focuses on the research and development of special-shaped bags. If there are special requirements for use or certain improvements in bag shape, we can provide you with solutions and make products that are satisfactory to you.

flat bottom coffee bags with valve

1. The size of the bag is composed of bag width, bag height and bottom width (bottom width = side width).

2. The variety of coffee beans and the depth of roasting. Usually, the dark roasted coffee beans will be larger than the light roasted coffee beans, so it is also a pound, and the required size is different.

3. From design considerations or personal preferences, what should be distinguished is the display effect of the bag after filling with coffee beans.

side gusset flat bottom pouch

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